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Dupatta- Every woman is emotionally and deeply bonded to dupatta. Dupattas aren’t only use to cover the body or head of women they are also utilize as a fashion statement that create all outfits such as Shalwar Kameez, Anarkalis, Gharara, Sharara Suit or Lahengas gorgeous. If you don’t have the proper dupatta, the outfits appear unfinished. Additionally, dupatta is a burdensome accessory for women who are unable to wear Indian outfits, wondering if they are appropriate for their skin or not. In this article we will discuss Dupatta Designs and kind Dupattas which are in trending.

The greatest thing about Dupatta is that they comes in various sizes, colours, styles fabric, lengths and styles to complement the look of various types of Asian clothes. Thus, the wearer are able to pick their dupatta according to their personal preferences.

Different types of dupatta which can alter the style quotient

1. Georgette dupatta

It is among the most easy and breezy items in the wardrobe of every woman. They are generally consider to be the ideal fabric for spring, summer and the joyous days throughout the entire year. With the floral printed dupattas you can enjoy the most out of your spirit. These are generally lightweight and have a slightly transparent texture. They are typically print with patterns, delicate lace and pom-poms to improve the overall appearance of these dresses. But , heavy works could ruin the elegance of these beautiful dupattas.

Georgette Dupatta2. Net dupatta

This will be an essential have dupatta for any woman who wishes to dress in the traditional Asian clothes in a fashionable manner. They come in a slender texture, and are also lightweight. In most instances the dupatta is decorate with Chikan Kaari and floral patchwork, or some form of embroidery.

NET-DUPATTA3. Dupatta Pashmina

Pashmina is a type of art which developed in Kashmir. The pashmina dupattas mostly contain prints, and are mostly refer to as Kashmiri art. These dupattas add a lot of beauty to the wearer and result in a lot of admiration to those wearing them. In addition to being stylish, these dupattas are very comfortable and keep you warm during cold winter months. Since these dupattas have an unnatural sheen, they are popular at performances and events.

pashmina dupatta

4. Banarasi silk dupatta

This kind of dupatta is thought of as the most royal choice for various lavish occasions since they are heavy and are design for special events only. However, in certain instances it is possible to wear the simplest but elegant dupattas are suitable for casual occasions. In addition, this kind of dupatta is also utilize for layering.

Banarasi Dupatta5. Velvet dupatta

This is the perfect winter companion and ideal for brides. This can be describe as dupattas make the ideal style accessories for women who want something glamorous, luxurious and elegant. Since these dupattas are quite heavy, they can’t be cover up. Therefore, a full velvet dupatta can be very hard as well as heavy, consequently, it’s best to choose mixed and matching velvet dupattas. In addition it is also possible to opt for velvet dupattas without patchwork.

Velvet dupatta6. Dupatta Chiffon

This is a beautiful fabric to play with. The fabric is like Georgette and this kind of dupatta highlights the effortless breezy nature. The dupattas are extremely lightweight and appear flimsy. This makes them perfect for spring and summer. In addition, these are extremely soft and comfortable to the touch. Therefore, they look fantastic in photographs. But excessively embroidered chiffon dupattas don’t look good.

Dupatta Chiffon7. Zardousi dupatta

It is an ancient persi style, that was introduce to India. In the past, zardousi dresses were used to dress the dresses of queens, kings and royals. However, now they are an opportunity to show off your style to everyone who is a fashion enthusiast. The Zardousi dupattas are adorned with intricate natural, natural and floral designs, as well as some stunning design patterns that are contemporary and trendy.

Zardousi dupatta8. The Pom Pom dupatta

A pom-pom design is an popular fashion in fashion at the moment. It is also being offered in the form of dupattas. In actuality, pom pom dupatta is popular for creating fashionable dupattas due the unique looks they give. So, if you want to add a touch of flair and enjoyment to your attire with this kind of dupatta to ethnic attire is essential.

Pom-Pom-Dupatta9. Ikat dupatta

In these dupattas patterns are made by binding the threads and then the threads are alter in order to make new patterns. These are dye to make new patterns. The soft fabric and attractive designs of these dupattas makes them very popular among women. While these aren’t necessarily bright or extravagant but they do look sophisticated.

Ikat dupatta10. Kalamkari dupatta

  1. Kalamkari is essentially an unprinted or hand painted technique used in the field of textiles. This kind of dupatta mostly made of cotton. Due to the stunning design of this type of dupatta it can be worn with plain kurti top and kameez styles. The most well-known styles of Kalamkari Kurtis are:
  • Sri Kalahasti style
  • Masulipatnam Kalamkari
  • Karrupur style

Kalamkari dupatta11. Organza dupatta

These dupattas come with a sheer adhesion and a light weight texture and an amazing luxurious feel. In addition, they have shiny texture, which is why this fashion is a popular fashion choice for today’s celebrities. These are typically woven and made in a tiny town called Madhya Pradesh.

Organza dupatta12. Madhubani dupatta

This look is more like euphoria to those who love fashion and art enthusiasts. As with Madhubani Salwar suit and sarees the Madhubani dupattas also have gained an immense popularity among fashion lovers both in and outside of India.

Madhubani dupatta13. Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari embroidery technique that originates from the Punjab region literally translates to flowers. Basic and lightly embroidering Odini (head scarfs) as well as dupattas and shawls that are designed for daily use are known as Phulkaris The embroidery is made using floss silk thread and coarse cotton fabric that is hand-woven.

Phulkari Dupatta14. Bandhani Dupatta

The most sought-after style is bandhani Dupatta , which is returning in a fresh and exciting method. The most effective way for bandhani Dupatta to be integrate into your fashion assertions is to choose beautiful dupattas that will elevate your the look of ethnic. If you’ve been searching for stylish ways to dress your kurtas with ease, selecting a bandhani dupatta is all you have to do to transform your basic kurta appear more elegant and lively.

Bandhani Dupatta15. Bridal Dupatta

Wedding dupattas aren’t given much importance, but they can be the difference between the bridal dress. We have written a complete guide to bridal dupatta and it is imperative to note down every single detail we will be able to share with you. The right dupatta worn properly will make your Pakistani wedding look more attractive and make it more stunning and elegant.

Bridal Dupatta16. Khada dupatta

Khada dupatta is the most traditional wedding dress worn by Hyderabadi Muslim brides in the Indian subcontinent. It’s an elaborate wedding outfit that includes an kurta, chooridaar and a dupatta that is 6 yards long.

The unending astonishing power can leave one in awe. The airy, breathable feel and its easy to manage beauty, its shine, and the fall of the fabric has made women always in over it. Cotton dupattas are getting major changes to meet the fashions of modern women. It is the top choice for office wear or for all day wear.

Khada dupatta17. Ruffle dupatta

Ruffles Dupatta means, attach Frill/Ruffles only on two sides of Dupatta/Chunni. You can design it with Lace also. So they give your ready made suits an extraordinary look with this kind of Frill Dupatta.

This Dupatta Design is very trendy these days. You can wear it on Parties, wedding functions etc. If you know the art of stitching then you can also make one for yourself.

Ruffle dupatta18. Golden dupatta

Dupatta are very important part of every trendy girl’s wardrobe. They add flare and mystique to every look. Golden Dupatta have been around since ages and have been a part of women’s fashion at weddings. It’s a traditional part of ethnic wear and while shopping for one, you will find various designs and colors. Golden dupatta is a kind of dupatta that is traditionally use on special occasions like festivals, weddings, or special event. You can find designs in silk, net , Chiffon and many more fabrics.

Golden dupatta19. Multicolor dupatta

This type of dupattas are very trendy for all parties and looks stylish with all age women. Multicolor dupatta is made of different colors altogether in one pack. This multicolor dupatta can be made with every types of fabric for example silk, chanderi, cotton etc.

Multicolor dupatta20. Heavy dupatta

Heavy Dupatta will never go out of style. They go well with traditional attire. The most popular fashion designers of today offer collections of Hevy dupattas and present the collection at fashion week, giving the fresh perspective of the timeless beauty.

heavy Dupatta

Best Dupatta Draping Style Ideas

Dupatta Drape Around

A draping technique for your dupatta that makes you look stylish however also keeps your body warm. If you’re wearing large linen or cotton dupattas, this is a technique that will draw focus off of the dress.

clothes-for-eidDupatta Elbow Style

A look to make us feel as one of the queens. It’s something we all learned to do. Just throw the dupatta down behind your back, and then raise it over your forearm or elbow. It’s a style that is synonymous that is a part of lehengas.

Dupatta Elbow Style

One Arm

It is ideal is an oversized dupatta however heavily worked. Put the dupatta on top of your shoulders and then spread out a small amount to place it on one arm. It showcases the dupatta, and is stylish as well.

One Arm style

High Neck Dupatta Style

The standard 90s Punjabi style of draping that we cannot get enough of. Actually, as most people use dupattas for an attractive prop and not to serve a practical usage, this is well-known and is not new to us all.

High Neck Dupatta Style

Dupatta One-Sided Shoulder

Simply place it on either shoulder Then, you can pin it and then drape it over your arm. It’s elegant, stylish and showcases your dupatta, too. I personally prefer wearing it on my left side because I prefer that style more, however you can wear it however you like. It is a style that can be worn with plain clothes or phulkari, kalamkari, Bandhini as well as Banarasi dupattas.

Dupatta One-Sided ShoulderTwo Sided

A look that all mothers appreciate. It’s not always a good look and is the reason you’ll see many fashion models seen in this fashion. It’s an excellent way to hide sleeveless dresses or to emphasize your gown.

Two Sided Dupatta Style

One Shoulder-One Arm

You can give your one-sided shoulder look an extra twist and move it towards the front to make your outfit more full style while highlighting the dupatta. Floor length dresses with Banarasi or phulkari dupattas or lehengas look great.

one shoulder-one arm dupatta style

Dupatta Full Open

Spreading your dupatta across the floor seems like something boring and outdated but it’s not. It can actually be stylish and chic and also a bit retro.

Dupatta Full Open

Saree Style Dupatta

Take your saree dress style to a new dimension with this modern denim-inspired saree. However, you don’t require an saree to wear it. Your regular kalamkari dupatta will do.

Saree Style Dupatta

Pleated Style Dupatta

Make sure you put your dupatta on pins for a clean and elegant style. Make sure you style your hair and add some big statement pieces to wear it with fashion.

Dupatta Gujarati Style

Another way to make use of your dupatta to show the Gujarati method of drape the saree. I’m talking about your dupatta!

Dupatta Gujarati Style

Dupatta Wrap Around

Wrap it around as the shawl you wear on days when you feel a bit grounded and earthy.

Dupatta Wrap Around

Dupatta Over The Head

The headdress is a common bridal look and is never out of style. If you’re in the need for a touch of nakhre and you are aware of how to dress your dupatta do you not?

Dupatta Over The Head

Dupatta FAQs

How many types of dupatta are in fashion?

  1. Phulkari Dupatta
  2. Chanderi Dupatta
  3. Ikat Dupatta
  4. Banarasi Dupatta
  5. Gota patti Dupatta
  6. NET Dupatta
  7. Velvet Dupatta
  8. Pom Pom Dupatta
  9. Ikat dupatta
  10. Kalamkari dupatta
  11. Organza dupatta
  12. Pashmina dupatta

What fabric is dupatta made of?

Organza can be describe as a fine plain weave, sheer material that is traditionally made of silk that has its origins in the former Afghan Turkestan. Today, we also have modern organza made of filaments made of synthetic fibers, which include nylon or polyester. It is transparent and has a pleasant shimmer to its.

What is dupatta, or what it means in English?

The English word dupatta is Scarf. In Urdu or Hindi its called Dupatta while in English Scarf.

Which side is best to wear a for your dupatta?

You can simply drape it about Simply drape your dupatta around and it will appear elegant and royal. It’s best for linen and cotton dupattas. You just need to put the one end of the dupatta to one shoulder. then take the other to wrap around your shoulders. It is possible to pin the opposite end to your left shoulder.

What is the dimension of the dupatta?

Embroidered Organza Dupatta, Size: Width 36inch length 2.4mtr

What is the most famous place for dupattas?

Pakistan and India is most famous when it comes to Dupatta.

What is a Chunni?

Chunni is a long Dupatta certain South Asian women wear around their shoulders and heads.

Which is better? dupatta or Chunni?

The distinction between dupatta and chunni. The dupatta is second layer of cloth that is worn for women to wear as a veil, scarf and so on. Similarly, chunni is an oversize scarf worn by south Asian women.

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