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In Indian and Pakistani weddings mehndi designs usually apply in mehndi functions before wedding starts. Bride and groom families invite close relatives, cousins and friends in mehndi occasion where women’s wear traditional Asian dresses like sharara suits, gharara dress, shalwar kameez, Anarkali dress mostly in combination of yellow and green. Applying mehndi on hands and feet has been a grand tradition that started in the ancient Indian subcontinent. The thick paste applied in the form of gorgeous mehndi is made from the powder of a dried-up plant. When washed off, it leaves a cherry red or brown colour that makes the hands look so beautiful and decorative. However, the colour of the henna mehndi does depend on the amount of time it is left on.

It started out as very simple henna mehndi that were applied using some object like a piece of wood. But now it has now turned into a great fashion trend with so many latest mehndi designs that are very exquisite and intricate. The trend is not just centred in India and surrounding South-Asian countries but it famous around the world where a lot of people enjoy it fully. The most popular out of all these designs is the Arabic mehndi designs which originated from the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia.

25 Simple mehndi designs for 2020

Let me show you some of the most popular types of simple mehndi designs for the year 2020. I’m sure they will inspire you to get your hands beautifully printed by mehndi for an event or even just for your own self.

1) Single Finger Simple Mehndi Designs

Some people prefer very simple mehndi designs that do not cover the entire hands. Given below is one such example which includes design on just one finger connected to a flowery design at the back of the palm.


2) Vine-Styled Simple Mehndi Design

One example of simple mehndi designs inspired by the structure of a vine. It goes across the hand from one end to the palm to the finger at the other end. Many designs can be incorporated in this general style.


3) Lacey Renditions of Tikka-Styled Henna Mehndi

The traditional tikka is the epitome of henna mehndi. The latest designs do include a lot of variations of the tikka style. This gorgeous Lacey design is one such example.


4) Dots and Flower Vine Simple Mehndi Designs

Another great example of vine styled simple mehndi designs is this vine of dots and flowers that goes across the hand in a thin strip. The mixture of dots, thick and thin lines and flowers really brings out the best in this design


5) Simple Mehndi Designs Resembling Connecting Chain Rings

Who doesn’t love elegant and simple mehndi designs? Look at this design inspired by the chain connected rings. It covers only a small portion of the hand but comes together is a very nice and beautiful way.


6) Thick and Traditional Simple Henna Mehndi

One of the easiest and simple henna mehndi is such as given below. Thickly applied mehndi with mixed patterns of flowers and check boxes gives a very traditional yet elegant look.


7) Simple Mehndi Designs Like Double Connecting Chain Ring

Another example of connecting chain ring simple mehndi designs includes patterns of lines and ovals with a chain-like-connection between two fingers.


8) Simple Mehndi Designs for Modern Tikka Rendition

Tikka mehndi style is very common and goes a long way back. However, there are some latest simple mehndi designs like the one below that shows a modern rendition of the traditional tikka style mehndi.


9) Scattered and Simple Mehndi Designs

Making some changes in the arrangement of the traditional tikka can turn into some beautiful contemporary simple mehndi designs. Small diamond-shaped designs on the fingers and two patterned circles on the back palm and arm put together a gorgeous modern style of mehndi.


10) Minimal Simple Mehndi Designs

For those of you who love simple henna mehndi and are also fans of minimalism, this design is absolutely perfect. Focused on one end of the hand, this design is a combination of lines, dots, and circles which make the perfect balance for a beautiful and elegant design.


11) Simple Mehndi Designs in Crescent Patterned

Who doesn’t love mehndi design simple and elegant? This here is the perfect example of a beautiful crescent shaped pattern that kind of looks like a railroad. Perfect for anyone looking for simple mehndi designs that are minimal yet beautiful.


12) Full Hand Intricate Design

A lot of women’s like to cover their entire hands with gorgeous patterns. It may be hard to put on if you choose a complex design. However, simple mehndi designs that include repetition of the same pattern are easier to apply and look absolutely breathtaking as well. The design shown below is a similar one that is a mixture of leaves and curvy lines patterns.

Full Hand Intricate Design

13) Simple Mehndi Designs for Corner Finger

Putting on a heena designs on any one finger of your hand might just be the latest trend. Most people like to choose the thumb or the little finger because that gives the design a nice finish. These simple mehndi designs start from the tip of the finger and go all the way towards the wrist. You can even continue it on the arm as well which totally depends on your preference.


14) Simple Mehndi Designs with Square Patterns

Introducing geometric shapes like squares and triangles is another latest addition to the list of simple mehndi designs. Take a look at this stunning pattern shown below. Encompassing a small delicate teeka inside a giant square pattern gave the design a whole new look. The squares on the back of the hand and fingers are gorgeously complemented by pretty little leaves. All in all, this looks like the perfect modern henna design for anyone who adores mehndi.


15) Diamond Shape Simple Mehndi Designs

Here is another example of using geometric shapes in simple mehndi designs. This gorgeous rendition of the teeka mehndi design simple yet gorgeous is a personal favourite. It looks so organized and elegant and will go with any kind of look you want to pull off.


16) Simple Mehndi Designs Covering both Hands

Everyone loves a good play on patterns and designs. You can use pattern tricks to spread a design to both your hands as well. Like making two semi circles on both hands which join to make a heart. Such cute simple mehndi designs are a perfect choice for brides to show off their love for their new husbands.


17) Simple Mehndi Designs in Geometric Shapes

What a gorgeous combination of geometric shapes! Such shapes work wonders if you know exactly how and where to place them in your design. If you’re looking for very easy to make simple mehndi designs, then this one is for you. You get to full out your entire hand with a very modern design and it also does not require a lot of effort.


18) Single Patterned Design Simple Mehndi Designs

Does it get any simpler than this? A mehndi design simple enough to be made in just a few minutes. You can combine different patterns in a single line or you can repeat one pattern for the entire design just like shown below. You can make such simple mehndi designs easily with minimal or no prior experience as well.


19) Lacey Tattoo Simple Mehndi Designs

Girls love laces and everything about them. Which is why simple mehndi design that resemble old fashioned laces are so popular even today. Here is a good example of such a design sprawled on the back of the hand in a diamond like shape. This goes well with full or quarter sleeves where neither the arm looks empty nor the sleeve covers the design.


20) Circular Patterned

For circular pattern, all you have to do is choose an easy pattern and just weave a circle out of it. You can mix different patterns to make the design more intricate as well. Either way, you have a gorgeous mehndi design simple and very easy to make in just a few minutes.


21) Simple Mehndi Designs in Ring Enhancing

Are you looking for a mehndi design but don’t want it to hide your engagement ring? This pattern will help you flaunt your ring without getting mixed up with the design. Simple mehndi designs that will let you show off your ring are made using patterns that leave an empty space around your ring finger.


22) Colourful and Funky Simple Mehndi Designs

It is much easier to make than it seems. All you have to do is introduce some coloured henna to your simple mehndi designs and you got yourself a very spunky funky and beautiful mehndi design to show off at any event.


23) Full Extensive Yet Simple

A design that looks as complicated as the one shown below can be very easy to make as well. The key to such simple designs that look complex is to break it down into smaller patterns. Pick out three or four small easy patterns and keep repeating them till you get what you want.


24) Single Pattern Design

Using a single pattern to create heena design is a trick as old as mehndi itself. However, creating a single pattern across the hand that it takes up minimal space is what modern mehndi art is all about. Shown in the picture below is a perfect example of such a minimalistic design that is the easiest to make.


25) Simple Mehndi Designs with Multiple Stamps

You can create your customary simple mehndi designs by using a small stamp like pattern and put in on multiple places. Just like shown in this picture. This easy design when placed on different areas ends up giving you a very cute mehndi design that is not only easy to apply but also looks gorgeous on everyone!


Video of mehndi designs 2020

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands and Feet

Whether it’s a wedding season or the event of Eid or Diwali, women prioritise their mehndi application over everything the night before. Everyone is looking for perfect henna mehndi to apply in accordance with the event.

Given below are some more simple henna mehndi for you to choose from or get inspired by. Take a look and you will be left in awe by the gorgeous stains.

1) Simple Mehndi Designs for front hands

Perfect for any occasion, this simple and elegant design is an epitome of beauty. A combination of flowers and dotted lines, it is not too little and not too much. Just the perfect amount of mehndi on your pretty hand to enhance their beauty.



2) Simple mehndi designs for the back of hands

Long designs are ideal for the back of the hands since they make the hand look longer rather than short and stubby. This gorgeous design goes from bigger flower-like patterns and goes all the way to the tip of the finger, making it smaller with every pattern.


3) Simple Mehndi designs for feet

Unless you are the bride getting mehndi applied for your own wedding, you don’t want to get your feet too filled with patterns. Here are a few very beautiful yet simple henna mehndi for your feet.

This one has curvy lines that give it a very unique look, combined with flowery pattern that will never go out of fashion.


If you’re a fan of anklets, this design should be your ideal pick. It is in the pattern of a traditional ankle and will look absolutely gorgeous on your feet, especially if you are wearing a dress that shows off your ankles.


Another design inspired by the vine-styled mehndi, it starts from the centre of the foot and goes all the way from the side to the back. It covers almost the entire foot yet it does not overfill it with the pattern which makes the foot look really elegant and gorgeous.


Mehndi designs for kids

While grown women love applying mehndi on all occasions young girls and kids are not behind on this passion. However, it is a bit hard for little girls to sit still enough for the whole time of applying the patterns. That is why henna mehndi for kids are available which are very simple and easy so that they don’t take much time and are easier to handle for kids.

Here are some mehndi designs for kids easy to apply and as gorgeous as any other design. Like the two tikka styled patterns shown below that take very little time to apply. This not just satisfies the kids but also is short enough for them to actually sit through it.


Another very simple design looks like a charm bracelet with a longer charm looking design attached to a chain-like pattern on the wrist. This design can be modified as per the likes of every individual girl as well.


Easy Mehndi designs

Even though there are very simple designs available for mehndi, but they are not necessarily easy to apply. Some beginners who do not have much experience in applying mehndi do have difficulty with such designs. For such people, there are some easy mehndi designs available that are fairly easier to apply and look as gorgeous as any other design.

Mehndi designs in easy to apply techniques can be hard to find sometimes. But don’t worry, because I have found some mehndi designs easy and simple to apply even for beginners.

This gorgeous and elegant design is as easy to apply as it looks. A combination of flowers and leaves connected using vine line design look beautiful on the hands as well.


Another fairly simple design looks like just one tattoo on the back of the palm. It has everything a good henna mehndi should have and is very easy to apply as well.


Cute and Simple Mehndi Designs for Fingers

A very latest trend in the mehndi world is the pattern made just on the fingers, or in some designs, the thumb as well. There are many mehndi designs for fingers only that are available for you to choose from. You can make the same design on all fingers or you can mix and match with different patterns as well.

One of such art shown below with each finger bearing a different pattern. Some people might think that it would look weird, but when you actually see it applied for real, it looks really gorgeous and regal.


This one shown below is another great example of simple henna mehndi for fingers. It has the same pattern made on three fingers and a different one for the ring finger.


Beautiful Full Hand Mehndi designs for bride

Although simple designs of mehndi are more common, Subcontinent brides wear Asian dresses for weddings and they usually prefer to have their entire hands, even arms, full of patterned stains for their big days. Which is why bridal henna mehndi being different from regular simple ones.

Take this picture as an example. Most mehndi designs for brides fill out the entire hands and most of the arms just like shown below. It is a gorgeous design full of many small patterns beautifully combined together in this masterpiece.


Here is another example of gorgeous mehndi designs for brides. Although it has more empty spaces within, it still covers most of the hands and arms. The beautiful design is almost 3D like and looks absolutely stunning on that red dress.


Traditional Arabic Mehndi designs

Although the trend of henna mehndi applied on hands and feet is thought to be originated in India, the Arab countries are also famous for their unique spin on mehndi. Traditional Arabic mehndi designs are famous around the world and the designs shown below are the reason why.

This design is intricate yet applied with a thick layer of mehndi. This is basically the traditional Arabic mehndi style.


Another beautiful example of Arabic mehndi designs is shown below. Look how deep that colour is and how gorgeously delicate that design looks.


Mehndi on the feet is also very common in Arab culture. The mixture of thick and thin patterns turn into a beautiful design that would look good on anyone’s feet.


Frequently Asked Questions

People who are unfamiliar with mehndi tend to have a lot of questions about it. I have made sure to answer all the common questions regarding mehndi and its application.

What is mehndi?

It is a form of body art that is created using a thick paste made from the dried-up leaves of the henna plant.

How many types of mehndi designs are there?

There are mainly 6 types of mehndi designs which include Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan, Bridal, and Bangle style mehndi. However, it is common for people to mix two or more types of designs to create something of their own taste.

How to apply easy mehndi designs for beginners?

There are thousands of mehndi designs available online. You can choose what seems like the easiest one and try to copy that. You will keep getting better with more practice and trying more types of designs.

What is Arabic mehndi?

This type of mehndi consists of flowery patterns filled with lines, dots, and leaves as well. You can apply whatever you like as per your creativity. It is quite an easy way of applying mehndi and also consumes less amount of time and mehndi.

How can I make Mehndi darker?

There are many ways of making the colour of mehndi darker. Apply mehndi on completely clean hands to avoid minimisation of the absorption of mehndi into the skin. Let the mehndi dry naturally instead of using a dryer or shaking your hands for it to dry. Apply eucalyptus oil or a solution of sugar and lemon on dried out mehndi to darken the colour. Avoid using water to wash the mehndi off. Instead scrape the dried mehndi and avoid using water for as long as possible. One last thing you can do it leave the mehndi on for as long as possible, preferably overnight. These are some of the few things that will really help in darkening the colour of your mehndi stain.

Does Vaseline make Mehndi darker?

Applying Vaseline or lotion before applying mehndi can minimize the absorption of mehndi in the skin and thus will reduce the darkness of the stain.

Does lemon juice darken mehndi?

Lemon is a bleaching agent that helps in releasing dye out of the mehndi. When applied as a solution of lemon and sugar on completely dry mehndi, it will help in making the stain darker.

Why does Mehndi turn black?

Mehndi is like a dye and it works differently for different people. The heat of the body and pores of the skin play a vital role in making the colour of mehndi darker, or even blackish.

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