The Anarkali Dress is a traditional Central Asian women’s attire which is worn and loved by eastern women all around the world. Women of the east especially in countries like India and Pakistan have been wearing this gorgeous outfit for a long time. Now that the traditional eastern fashion industry is making place in the western market as well, clothes like Anarkali dresses are becoming quite a hit in countries like UK as well. An Anarkali suit is basically a long dress which is a combination of a traditional lehenga and a modern full-length dress. The bottom has a great flare giving the whole dress a very regal and classy look. You can wear this dress with a churidar pyjama, a trouser or even tights. Adorned with a traditional embroidered dupatta, this dress will become a hit at any event you decide to wear this too.

We have an amazing collection of traditional Indian Anarkali dresses that are available in different fabrics. Our collection has so many great dresses and each one of them is the epitome of beauty and elegance. With the latest designs and ravishing colours, each dress is crafted to perfection just for you. Our Pakistani Anarkali suits are available predominantly in Georgette fabric which really enhances their beauty and acts as a refreshing eye-catcher to make you stand out at any special occasion.

At Libas e Jamila we stock designer Anarkali long dress with both light and heavy embroidery making them the perfect choice for parties, weddings or any other type of special events. Our Anarkali suits UK collection is ideal for women of all ages all around the world. Anarkali dresses and many other clothing options available at very affordable in the best quality are they are the perfect elegance and fashion statement. So hurry up, don’t miss out on this opportunity and grab your favourite Anarkali dress now!

Anarkali Dresses

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