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The current scenario of the globe has put everyone on a forced quarantine. This bizarre and off beat world has put everyone on hold. Everybody is looking for venues to channel their anorexic energies. With the media projecting just panic and the internet propagating concerns upon us we are obliged to be aware of this chaos around us. Let me put some light on what quarantine is actually and what consequences the world will have to bear in its shadow before you outfit for its usage.

What is quarantine meaning?

The word “quarantine” literally means ‘isolation’ or ‘block off’ from the routine world. This term can also be referred to as a ‘restriction’ or ‘cordon off’. whereas the specification of this term in current plot is as follows

Quarantine definition in detail

Quarantine is the restriction and confinement of a person to a static place to avoid the spread of a contagious disease. The restriction also includes movement restriction of material goods which may also become a carrier to these contagious agents. Specially for the diseases which are known not to have a treatment or even a procedural diagnosis.

What happens when person is put in a quarantine?

Anyone being suspected of any contagious or transmissible disease is put into an isolation where he is observed for further symptoms and upon verification is kept in this intensive medical isolation for further medication and treatment. The one being quarantined is not allowed to socially interact with anybody and also any physical contact is strictly prohibited to ensure zero transmission of the disease. These transmissible diseases like corona virus (Covid-19), Ebola can lead to a massive havoc with just one touch.

The patients of corona are bound to a quarantine or have self-quarantined themselves are the responsible citizens who are clearly aiding to the spread of this fatal infection that has no declared vaccine as well as anti-viral.


Family members meeting their quarantined relatives.

How effective is quarantine?

A disease having an unknown genetic composition is impossible to resist. In the total pandemonium all we can do is to prevent its spread; excluding the treatment headache. We have to exert not to get infected and also not to infect others if diagnosed.
Not to get Infected <————>    Not to infect

If you evaluate even minor symptoms of the disease in yourself confine yourself to prevent the spread keeping in the mind the success rate of quarantine all over the globe; which is mentioned below:

The world is learning from Wuhan’s (china) strategy. They have put 50 million people under a mandatory quarantine since 23 January 2020 which resulted in 73,659 recovered patients out of 81218 total cases. Also, the new cases are dropped to a minimal number. In addition, crowded Asian cities like Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong have also dealt with this menace by forced quarantine and lock down. South Korea has decreased to 74 new cases miraculously from a peak of 909 by rigidly quarantining the infected.

Quarantine in the UK?

“Everyone in the United Kingdom must stay at home.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday.


Empty roads of United Kingdom.

By the time I am writing 11,658 people are reported to be infected by Covid-19 while 578 people have died till date. Today UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for Corona virus while The heir to the throne Prince Charles Duchess of Cornwall also being infected and currently in quarantine in Aberdeenshire after testing positive for Covid-19. The epidemic quarantine is strictly observed throughout the UK. The UK is likely to offer home tests ‘within days’ for the people to encourage self-quarantine.

Has the quarantine ever happened before?

The procedure of quarantine was first adopted in the global epidemic of plague between 1348 and 1359 that resulted in the wipe out of 30% of the population of Europe. The early American quarantine happened in 1878 in reference to the yellow fever, then again in the late 19th century on the outbreak of cholera. Currently Ebola and corona are forcing people to adopt this isolation.

Quarantine and social distancing

After all the very rigorous measures being taken around the world should make us more serious about our quarantine and social distancing. The Only way to keep it going placidly is to commit yourself to home and home only and to make that happen you need to do something worthwhile not only to kill time but for being productive. Being home ridden for extroverts is always challenging whereas you can drink in from introverts how to make this solitude worthwhile. It is a golden chance for your self-grooming and pampering. All you need to do is read these organic combinations to boost up both your immune system and skin.

Concept of organic lifestyle


In the daily grind of life this was the break we all need. Let’s start changing the poles of our lifestyle to bring the change you want in your skin. Superficial care is vital but so is the diet. Here’s a complete guide to what to eat, what to exercise and what to apply for the extra Lucent skin you have always dreamt of.

A steadfast organic breakfast

Organic foods have the least amount of fertilising agents and pesticides hence providing maximum nutrients to the end consumer.


Your breakfast must include organic poultry items like eggs, milk, butter or cheese. Add porridge as they provide vitamin E which is crucial for internal as well as external health.

Research shows that a fist full of nuts in your breakfast gives you all the essential vitamins you need for your day. Almonds, avocados, hazelnut and corn oils all being rich in vitamin E are excellent antioxidants.

A portion should also be of fruits rich in vitamin C as they help produce collagen to the facial capillaries. Some effective therapeutic fruits are; oranges, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi, strawberries and papaya.

Stay hydrated while you are in quarantine

Your skin needs a lot of moisture to expand and to breath. Drink warm Water while you are in quarantine and other hydrating foods like cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchinis should be an active part of your daily routine.


On the other hand, caffeinated agents like coffee, tea and other beverages take away the flexibility and glow of your skin. Researchers commit maximum 2 cups of coffee to be fine for your internal health but for your skin are more than enough to dehydrate your skin to the limit. In Spite of which, add antioxidants like green tea and herbal teas.


Also fresh juices does the job. Sometime add purely organic smoothies to your diet which give quick results for a healthy glowing skin. All of the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen.

Your DIY skin care moisturiser


In the current lock down all over the globe there must be basic necessities people are short of. Like your expensive moisturiser just ran out. Don’t worry, just pour some coconut oil out of your kitchen pantry in your empty pocket bottle and use it as a moisturiser whenever needed. Coconut oil alone is rich in vitamin E, acrylic acid reduces inflammation on your skin and being an antibacterial/anti fungal proves to be your luxury moisturiser. If mixed wi+th Shea butter or the available essential oils that suits your skin type can do wonders in a very short time.

Never skip the cleansing

Give your skin a makeup free break in this forced homesick mode. Cleansing is the key to the vogue skin you need as it takes away your dead skin, impurities and toxins that are produced by the skin at night. So you can opt for cleansing in the morning as well as in the night.


Don’t go for unnatural products and mix a small amount of honey and lemon juice and apply on your face for 5-10 minutes. On rinsing off you will find a 100 watt beaming skin being richly cleansed with vitamin c lemon extract, also the honey giving it a well moisturised texture.

Organic night skin care

Now is the time to search your garden for some aloe Vera’s. The aloe gel does wonders for skin. Homemade stuff is so easy to render and collect so let’s dig it out.



First cleanse your skin with gram flour mixed with rose water or plain water; leave for 10-15 mints after application and on rinsing off apply aloe gel for another 15-20 mints. After cleansing it off with soaked cotton pads apply basic rose water to neutralise the effect of gram flour as it is stern scrub for your skin.

All of the above mentioned methodologies are purely organic with the ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen closet. I hope this Libas e Jamila Blog will shed some positive vibe while you are quarantine at home.

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