25 Best Restaurants in Pakistan to eat

25 Best Restaurants in Pakistan

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Complete list of 25 Best Restaurants in Pakistan and best dining options in Pakistan including menus, locations with addresses. In this articles you will find Pakistani restaurants from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. There are plenty of well-known restaurants in Pakistan that are renowned for their food, service and seating capacity, as well as their clean ambiance. There are also the top restaurants in Pakistan for gatherings, group parties and hangouts dates, birthdays, weddings, father’s or mother’s day and even your anniversary.

List of Best Restaurants in Pakistan

Dine out at the best restaurants in Pakistan, from well-seasoned Pakistani Traditional Dishes to tasty and delicious fresh food from their kitchen. Below is the list of Best Restaurants in Pakistan, they all have a great Food but also offer a fantastic view, great experience and a friendly staff.

Kolachi Best Restaurant in Pakistan with Sea View

Restaurant in Pakistan Kolachi is situated at Do Darya Clifton, Karachi. The diverse menu offers a variety of dishes like Karahi, Malai Boti, Tikka, Sajji, Biryani Qorma, special Breads, beverages as well as many other traditional seafood dishes. Many Pakistanis come here to spend a memorable evening and to enjoy the food right in the seafront area.

This Pakistani restaurant is on the shoreline of Do Darya with a terrace outside, making an ideal place to dine under the stars. This Restaurant in Pakistan classified as the Best restaurant because of the sea view and high-quality tasty and delicious food.

Best-restaurants-of-Pakistan-Kolachi-Do Darya

Best Restaurant in Pakistan Amritsari Hareesa 

If you are visiting Lahore and want to eat Healthy dish then, Amritsari Hareesa is for you. Amritsari Hareesa is one of the Famous Dish of Lahore in winter season. It is possible to find the best dish Amritsari Hareesa in a restaurant in Pakistan named Amratsari Harisa in Lahore on 37 Nisbat Road, Gawalmandi.

This Pakistani restaurant is compact and small but famous for its taste and unique style dishes. The facility available for dine in and also takeaway. If you want to enjoy the taste of Amritsari Hareesa then i will recommend you to eat in and order this dish with Hot Nans. 

Best Restaurant in Pakistan Amritsari Hareesa

Waris Nihari Pakistani Restaurant

Nihari which is a typical dish that is popular in Pakistan. Make your Desi food experience more delicious by visiting Waris Nihari restaurant in Lahore. Waris Nihari is the best restaurant in Pakistan for its magic and delicious Nihari taste. Best restaurant Waris Nihari is located in Moon Market Iqbal town, Lahore. This restaurant in Pakistan offers variety of Nihari dishes. Some of the famous dishes of this Pakistani restaurant are:

  1. Nalli Nihari
  2. Beef Nihari
  3. Maghaz Nihari
  4. Lal Boti Nihari
  5. Machli Boti Nihari


Famous Restaurant in Pakistan Capri

Capri Pakistani Restaurant is famous for Halwa Puri. Halwa Puri Nashta is exactly what you are looking for on weekends morning. You’ll never have a dull  Morning if you have breakfast from best restaurants of Pakistan Capri Menu. There’s nothing a tasty Halwa Puri can’t fix for an early Sunday morning. The Best restaurant in Lahore for breakfast is located inside Liberty Market Gulberg III, Lahore. The place has been considered a popular spot for breakfast for a number of years. Their nashta plate is made up of the chana masala, halwa, and two puris served with Achar (pickle) that will suffice of a person.

They’ve got a good seating area, however most people prefer to sit in their cars and enjoy breakfast with their friends in peace. Maybe, that’s one of the things is so appealing about Pakistani eateries.”

Famous Restaurant in Pakistan Capri Restaurant

Best Restaurant in Islamabad Savour Foods

Best Restaurant in Islamabad savour food is famous for Pulao Kabab. This Pakistani restaurant has many branches across Pakistan. The Famous Savour Food Branch is based in Blue Area Islamabad. Savour Foods has a variety of menu to suit everyone’s mood!  The well-known Savour Foods store is located in the Blue Area, Islamabad. When you think of pulao, Pakistanis are aware the just Savour Foods can satisfy their tastes.

 This restaurant in Pakistan have a premier dinning experience in elegant setting around. From traditional Rice to desserts and fast food to IceCream making it a very popular place among the locals. If you’re in Islamabad and want something classic and easy on your pocket, make sure to look this up.

Best Restaurant in Islamabad Savour Foods

Best Restaurant in Pakistan LalQila

Lalqila is among the top Restaurants in Pakistan. Pakistani Restaurant red brick structure will remind you the tradition of the Mughal Era and its culture. The Restaurant has outlets across Pakistan but the main branch is located in Karachi. Here, you can indulge in the finest cuisine, including Mughlai and Tandoori. BBQ along with authentic Pakistani cuisine. 

Every Restaurants in Pakistan have a distinct story to tell. Surprised, those with the lowest prices are also the most prestigious and have been the closest in the heart of Pakistanis.

Best Restaurants in Pakistan LalQila

Fanoos Coffee Lounge

Enjoy great coffee and tempting snack options in Fanoos Coffee Lounge at Movenpick Hotel Karachi. Fanoos Pakistani restaurant is famous for all hours of the  day to serve coffee and snacks. Fanoos is a great spot to gather with friends and talk over delicious light bites.

The finest coffee available at Fanoos. Don’t miss the delicious ice cream when you visit Fanoos. This Restaurant in Pakistan is a fun spot with an energetic atmosphere and a live music. The seating capacity is up to 100 people who can take advantage of local food and light meals at any point of day or evening. Fanoos Lounge can be found in the lobby of the hotel and is a wonderful place. To catch up with your colleagues, friends and family.


The Deli Pakistani Restaurant

The Deli Restaurant in Pakistan offers healthy option food for those who work and are in a hurry. Professionals on the go can stop by The Deli for quick and simple food options that are of the best quality.

The deli menu covers a diversified range of cuisines like Roast Beef, Wasabi sandwich, stir-Fry chicken khaosuey, Pasta, Grill steak and Cappuccino Brownie with Ice Cream. The menu includes a variety of meals that are traditional and unique, but always with a contemporary flavor.

Make sure to visit this Pakistani Restaurant which is located in Karachi for an unprecedented fine dining experience of modern cuisine & flavors in a contemporary, artistic and relaxed sitting.

The Deli Pakistani Restaurant


Frontier Restaurant in Pakistan famous for Karahi

Like biryani, Karachiites are also fond of Karahi dish. It is a classic dish that is made with gravy and meat created with original recipes. Frontier Restaurant in Pakistan is among the top Karahi places in Karachi in which you can enjoy many varieties of Karahi , Handi dishes, Mutton chops and BBQ prepared with delicious recipes.

Frontier is a definite success and no doubt its one of the top Restaurants in Pakistan and we highly suggest visiting Frontier. This best restaurant in Karachi is a Food crave for you under one roof. Frontier Karachi is located in Boat Basin which is a kind of food market within Clifton which is a high-end part of Karachi however, all the restaurants are affordable. You can enjoy your meals at this Best Pakistani Restaurant for sure.

Best Restaurant in Karachi

Famous Pakistani Restaurant Karachi Haleem

Haleem is a popular dish from the subcontinent. It is made by combining different kinds of pulses along with meat, in the perfect ratio , and then cooking at an appropriate temperature. Karachi Haleem is among the top places in Karachi where you can relax and enjoy a delicious Haleem. Even though Haleem is found in every corner within the city Karachi Haleem offers a wonderful place to dine and also a variety of meals to choose from.


Habibi Restaurant in Pakistan City Rawalpindi

If you are a fan of  barbecue and spicy food then Habibi Restaurant in Pakistan might be the place for you. This Pakistani restaurant that serves delicious traditional cuisine is located in Rawalpindi on Cricket Stadium Road, Shamsabad. The interior is wood-style and elaborate glasswork accents the dining space.

Habibi Rawalpindi is based in the ever-busy food street of Rawalpindi. Other specialties of the Habibi are Special Mutton Roast Boti, Taka Tak, Special seekh Kabab and much more. Habibi simply strives to provide the best traditional and exclusive food in a price range that is affordable.

Restaurant in Pakistan Habibi

Haveli Restaurants in Pakistan

One of the most prestigious roof-top restaurants in Pakistan Lahore Haveli is an iconic dining establishment with a view of iconic Badshahi Mosque is worth every penny. The restaurant is situated in “Food Street” and the views match the hype. Haveli Pakistani restaurant offers the most relaxing atmosphere you could request.

It’s a very busy restaurant in Lahore that has earned its name. .Tasty dishes with a refreshing view of the morning and evening. The restaurant is great for Traditional Pakistani cuisine and breakfast. The food is freshly prepared and hot. The staff of this restaurant are quite friendly.

If you’re looking for an amazing view while dining it is a must to go restaurants in Pakistan. Cost-effective because of the city’s old-fashioned view quality. Overall, you will have a great experience. The best restaurant to enjoy Lahore historic sites view.

Haveli Restaurants in Pakistan

Pakistani Restaurant Shah Chicken Tawa Roast

Shah restaurant in Pakistan serves the finest chicken tawa you can find in Lahore along with delicious roti and raita with it. The Shah Chicken Tawa  taste and the craft creating Tawa roast is unmatched against other dishes. Just a reminder Chicken Tawa of Shah is very spicy. It is a must try dish if you can take up a spices.

This Pakistani restaurant is one of the top dining spots inside the walled City region. You can also taste all the amazing flavours by eating Andaa Rikki and Omlate plus Shami which is fantastic and highly recommended.

Shah Chicken Tawa Roast

Best Pakistani Restaurant Ghousia Nalli Biryani Karachi

Ghousia Nalli Biryani is no doubt the top Restaurants in Pakistan and Absolutely the King of Biryani ! This delicious Biryani dish Pakistani restaurant Ghousia Nalli is located in Karachi Liaqatabad. People who know what to prepare will be able to appreciate the flavor and the method by which it is prepared.

It’s a nice spot to go for Biryani enthusiasts. Just to let you know the place is very crowdie. They serve tasty rice made with bone beaf and marrow. Most people come to eat lunch. Ghousia Nalli is one of the few Restaurants in Pakistan which got hype due to the popularity of social media.

Karachi is home to Biryani within Pakistan. Karachi residents are very particular about their biryani selections and the biryani they consume in the city isn’t available elsewhere in Pakistan.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani Karachi


Ghousia Silver Spoon Restaurant in Pakistan

Ghousia Silver Spoon Restaurant in Pakistan located in F.B Area Karachi. It is among the most sought-after dishes enjoyed by all Karachiites. Ghousia Chargha is one of the most popular joints in the city, where you can savor an incredible Chargha meal with your loved ones.

This dish is prepared by using a machine instead of frying it in hot oil. This way the spices are served in a manner that reaches all your taste buds. Parathas from this restaurant are delicious in taste and not oily at all.

Ghousia Silver Spoon Chargha

The Monal Best Restaurant in Pakistan

The Monal is consider the Best Restaurants in Pakistan serves a captivating scope of numerous Pakistani traditional foods, consisting of Mutton white Qorma, Chicken steam roast, Asian specialities and the famous grilled meats. Several people come here to devour food.

The Monal which is one of the top rated Pakistani restaurants, features five kitchens which prepare your food live. The chefs at work preparing your meal can be an exciting experience and delicious. Alongside the delicious Pakistani food, The Monal offers food that will satisfy your soul, with live music every evening. The Monal also hosts special musical events scheduled for celebrations.

The sunset in The Monal offers some of the most beautiful moments in nature. The crimson sky over the raging shadows of the hilly dusk the wind rustling the leaves as they are gently blown as birds make soft calls when they take a their roosts; and, when the weather has been warm, a few chirps of crickets. In the end, twilight sets in the valleys , against the background of Islamabad’s golden glow.

The Monal Best Restaurant in Pakistan


Polo longue Restaurants in Pakistan

In recent times Saidpur has been buzzing with the openings of brand new restaurants as well. Polo Lounge dining is one of the most popular restaurants in Pakistan. Its strength is stunning panorama of the surroundings that is accessible from the balcony.

However, the kitchen is also worthy of high marks for the exquisite dishes that it serves guests at Polo Lounge. Go to this elegant Pakistani restaurant to sample exquisite fine dining in Islamabad with delicacies such as of chicken fillets that have been grilled and served along with blue cheese sauce.

The Islamabad’s Saidpur Village is a charming old village located on the fringes of the city. That is brimming in history and culture. Local authorities have been working to draw be noticed by residents as well as tourists by encouraging the opening of shops, restaurants and galleries of art in Saidpur.

Polo longue Restaurants in Pakistan

Andaaz Lahore Best Restaurants in Pakistan

In the beautiful city of Lahore with spectacular panoramas of Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore Fort Andaaz is an experience in dining unlike other. Dining at Andaaz is an authentic journey for the food Lover!

Delicious and traditional food available from the Historical Heritage area of Lahore and with a view of the great Badshahi mosque. This restaurant serves original Pakistani cuisine traditional food.

Andaaz Best Pakistani Restaurant

Lavish Restaurants in Pakistan Qishmish

This Lavish Pakistani restaurant is among the top 25 list of Restaurants in Pakistan which served tasty nourishment with an amazing experience. But the most important renowned aspect of this restaurant is Traditional Pakistani delicious cuisines.

The atmosphere and interiors are amazing. The staff are incredibly welcoming to all guests. They greet you with a smile and direct you in a safe manner through the main entrance.

It is a fantastic spot to dish amazing flavors inside Islamabad. Qishmish specialities are Tawa chops Masala, chinioti Kunna, Qishmish Grill and Mutton white Qorma. I will consider this on the list of top restaurants in Islamabad.

Restaurant in Pakistan Qishmish

Pakistani Restaurant in Islamabad Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard is considered to be one of the best restaurant in Islamabad for its finest Italian eateries in the region. This Pakistani restaurant is located in Kohsar Market in Islamabad. It provides an intriguing insight into an outdoor roadside bistro.

While taking an energy boost from delicious food. It is certain that Tuscany Courtyard remains among the top 25 best Restaurants in Pakistan.

Tuscany Courtyard Restaurant

Arcadian Cafe Pakistani Restaurant

If you’re hoping to unwind in a relaxing environment gather your friends and go into Arcadian Cafe in Lahore. The menu is diverse and allows you to pick from a variety of food Fusions. Arcadian Restaurant of Pakistan offers a diverse range of cuisines from across the world.

Pakistani delighted dishes are the staple mark of this restaurant. Arcadian cafe Pakistani Restaurant has firmly rooted itself in Lahore’s culinary arena in a little time.

Alongside, a variety of delicious drinks and desserts such as the Lava Cake are enough to make your food stand out. You’ll be able to visit this restaurants in Pakistan again and repeatedly.

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