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Buying gifts for our loved ones can be tricky. We want to give them something they want, need and also like. There are thousands of gift ideas for women but even choosing between them is hard. Because there is a lot to consider. I always spend a lot of time deciding what gifts to get.

I recently went through this dilemma about what I should get for my best friend on her birthday. It was so hard to finally decide what to do. After hours of thinking and searching for gift ideas for women, I decided to get her a customized semi-formal-wear dress. And for doing so, I looked up reviews of different places. In the end, I decided to shop online from Libas e Jamila. It is a UK based online store that delivers women’s clothing (Eastern wear). Below, I have also talked about many other gift ideas for women of any age.

Amazing Gift Ideas for women birthday Occasion

Here are some amazing gift ideas for women birthday. Birthdays are an occasion where you want to get the most meaningful gifts. Customized and meaningful gifts can include self-designed outfits. For this you can order ready to wear womens kurti or any other Fashion designer outfits from online as women’s love to dress out. Other ideas can include handbags with names engraved, a favourite perfume or some elegant jewellery which will be a perfect birthday gift.


Gift ideas for women for Christmas

If you’re looking for gift ideas for women for Christmas, you’re at the right place. Get your loved ones a box of chocolates, or those comfy Christmas socks, beanies or mufflers. You can also get them gift cards from their favourite stores. Christmas is also a good time to get jewellery for women, including rings or bracelets. If the woman you know loves cuddling with bears, get her a cute and fluffy teddy bear.

Gift ideas for women for Christmas

Gift ideas for women UK

We all know women love getting ready. And what better gifts ideas for women UK, than something that helps them to glamour up? You can gift jewellery items to women and they will definitely love them. Other such ideas could include makeup, shoes or bags. You can even get women perfumes for them to enhance their look.


Unique gift ideas for women

Few of the most unique gift ideas for women include pretty plant arrangements for their rooms. Other decorative stuff like wall hangings or a lamp. Or if you’re looking for something more personal, go for a big frame with a photo-collage, or a customized picture calendar.


Inexpensive Gift ideas for women who has everything

Low on budget and need to get a gift for women? Not to worry for we have collected inexpensive gift ideas for women who has everything. Gather up all the decorative scrap you can find in your home and make a personalized scrap book. You can add pictures or little memories in-between pages to make it more meaningful. You can also write a long wish full of memories on a card, and get a bouquet of flowers alongside and viola, you have an inexpensive yet meaningful gift.


Expensive Gift Suggestion for ladies who has everything

Here are expensive gift suggestion for ladies who has everything. Get this lady a Chanel N°5 Perfume and she will love it. No one can have enough of this perfume. In addition, you can get a formal latest designer dress for her, too. Other such gifts could include limited edition hand bags.

Age wise Gift Suggestions in Detail

If you’re still not sure what you should get for a woman in your life, think about their preferences age-wise. Below is a list of age wise gift suggestions in detail. By the time you are done reading, you will for sure know what gifts to get for a women.

Gift suggestion for Ladies above 20

Gift suggestion for ladies above 20 included latest handbags or high heel stilettoes. Since at this age women are more interested in this stuff. You can also consider getting beautiful jewellery or glamorous make up products. If you want the gifts to be more personalized, consider getting a mug with something written on it, a wallet with her name engraved or picture frame with a hand written card or letter. You can also get them trendy clothes, with bright colours.


Gift ideas for women 30

Gift ideas for women 30 years of age included high quality skincare products like body butter, cleansing milk or facial marks. You can also get purses, clutches, totes or other kinds of handbags. In addition, you can consider buying them a gift card to a spa. Other gifts can be makeup or jewellery which every women love it.


Gift ideas for women 40

Gift ideas for women 40 years of age are given here. Get them vases to decorate their rooms with. Decorations could also include wall hangings or paintings according to the taste of the woman. For them, you can also get a table runner for the centre table or a nice flower arrangement. Women at this age would also love a nice bed sheet for their rooms.


Gift ideas for women 50th Birthday

Here are a few gift ideas for women 50th Birthday. You can get her a beautiful pure cashmere shawl or you could get a special pendant made up of their birthstone. Some other ideas could be getting a diamond ring. Since it’s the golden jubilee birthday, you might want to make it more special by getting a number of different gifts.


Gift ideas for women 60th Birthday

Gift ideas for women 60th Birthday can be a variety of things. Alipne shawls or Silk scarves, dresses for the old age women in subtle and pastel colours, coat shoes or birthstone rings. You can also consider getting them a living plant like a cactus or an aloe Vera plant. Gifts can also include skincare products especially those which are anti-aging or that make skin glow

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift to give a woman?

Best gift to give to women can be anything from perfumes, skin-care products to clothes, bags, jewellery or shoes!

What is the best gift to give your wife?

A great gift for your wife would be a box of chocolates, a bouquet along with gifts like jewellery, perfumes or a picture frame.

What is the best birthday gift for a woman?

Best birthday gifts can include makeup products, pendants or earrings, rings or bracelets, outfits or bags, etc.

For the longest time, I have had doubts about what gifts to get. But now I realize that outfits are something you can always gift to women. Women always love to wear designer outfits, and they are always in need of them, too. Libas e Jamila has become my go-to brand for such outfits-shopping purposes. I definitely recommend this online clothing brand to everyone.

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