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The months of September till March marks the peak of the wedding season. There are so many events to attend that somehow it gets unbearable. But for the love of weddings and everything joyful about them, we end up attending each and every one of these events no matter how hard it gets.

The most important yet difficult part about attending wedding season event is deciding on what to wear. Especially for women, being surrounded by so many different styles and designs of clothes, choosing outfits is never a piece of cake. Asian wedding clothing has so many different options and each one of them as gorgeous as the other. Let us give you some tips and ideas to create different desi looks for this wedding season.

Shirt with Baggy pants for wedding season

One of the most popular looks this year is the shirt worn with baggy pants. You can play with the length of the shirt easily. With baggy pants as shown in the image below, you can wear both long and short shirts. You can pair this outfit with classy heels and traditional jewellery to create a gorgeous and elegant look. You can even try different widths of the baggy pants to add more style to your dress.


You can never go wrong with a Designer Saree

No matter what year or time of the year it is, a saree never goes out of fashion. A Designer saree  will always look gorgeous and will make heads turn wherever you go. There are so many designs of blouses that you can use with your saree. Also, there are different ways to drape your saree as well. Combine a beautiful saree with elegant jewellery and heels, and you have the perfect look to go to a Baraat or valima event at any upcoming wedding.

You will find many styles of blouses to go with your saree. These include the traditional waist-length blouse. You can either make it a normal one or backless, that depends on your own preference. Angrakha-style blouses are also becoming quite common these days where the top of the blouse looks like an angrakha with the length of your choice. Other styles include the button-down blouse with a collar, etc.


Knee-length Peplum with Trousers

Peplums became very popular a few years ago and they are still very much in trend. A peplum is basically an A-line frock with a length that goes down to your knees. There are many types of bottoms that you can pull off with a peplum. The most commonly worn bottoms are flared pants or bell-bottoms, straight trousers, or even paired with a sharara to create a ravishing sharara dress look.


A peplum is quite a modern dress and hence modern delicate jewellery goes best with it. For footwear, you can use any type of fancy sandals, stilettoes or even traditional khussay to go with your final look. You can use any fancy shalwar kameez fabric and use it to get a peplum and trouser made, it is all about how the dress is stitched. Although, you might need a little more amount of cloth to make a peplum since it has a flare as compared to a normal shirt.

Mid length frock with Palazzo for wedding season

Palazzos came into trend about a decade ago but didn’t make it for long. Now they are back in with a full burst and people are pairing palazzo with all sorts of shirt styles. Be it a short shirt or a mid-length frock, women can pull off any type of shirt with a palazzo.

Take this trendy shirt as an example of how many different looks you can create using a good old-fashioned palazzo. A frock with a diagonal flare, with long wide sleeves, looks great when paired with an embroidered palazzo. This elegant and stylish look is perfect to carry on any wedding event.

Anarkali Lehenga

If you’re looking for something fancier and regal, an Anarkali dress is the one for you. It is a combination dress that looks like an angrakha from the top and a lehenga from the bottom. You can make it simple by adding little embroidery around the edges or make it full bling by covering the entire dress with embroidery and laces. Either way, the Anarkali lehenga will help you create a very traditional and royal look.

Asian dress for wedding

There are different styles that you can use while making an Anarkali dress. Your dress can have an open front or a closed one as per your preference. The amount of embroidery work is also your own choice. Pair the dress with traditional jewellery and create a look that will be hard to forget by everyone who sees it.

Wedding Season outfit tips

When choosing an outfit for a wedding season, the first thing you need to make sure of is whether you are comfortable in the dress that you want to wear. If a fabric is itchy, or the size is not right, or even if the style makes you feel uncomfortable, you will definitely regret wearing the dress. Even if the attire is gorgeous to look at, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you will never be able to carry it with proper elegance.

Last but not least, is the choice of jewellery and footwear. You will not be able to enjoy your event if the shoes you decide to wear with your dress and not right. Either for the dress or for your comfort, the wrong footwear can ruin an entire event for you. The same goes for the jewellery; you have to carefully choose what type of earrings and other pieces go well with your dress. Otherwise, the wrong choice will make even a really gorgeous dress look quite dull.

We hope these style tips will help you with your upcoming wedding and you will create ravishing looks for yourself and those around you.

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