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The thing about the fashion industry is that it keeps on evolving over time. Introducing new styles and trends, discarding some, the roller coaster just keeps going on and on. One thing I love about it, however, is that some of the old fashion trends keep on recurring after every few decades. It feels like sort of a reminder that good things will always come back if you wait long enough.

Take polka dots as an example, they were on top of the list of fashion trends of the 80s. You would see them everywhere. In dresses, bags, bedspreads, even in curtains. But with time they went away. Only to return with a bang about 2 decades later. Similarly, there are many trends that keep going away and coming back.

Old styles that are becoming Fashion Trends 2020

Here is a list of some of the fashion trends 2020 that used to be a big thing in the past but slowly faded away. Hope this list catches you up on the latest trends.

Choker Necklaces in Fashion Trends

It is quite hard to believe that these beauties ever went out of style. The amazing thing about a choker necklace is that you can wear it with any type of dress. Be it a western clothing or an Asian clothing, you can totally rock a choker with any of it. For all the choker fans out there, get your oldies out because it’s time to let them shine!


Fashion Trends of Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants were included in popular style fashion trends all around the world before they vanished for a while. They did make a recovery in the early 20s for some time. But now they have become the epitome of fashion once again.



Headscarves in Fashion Trends

Beautiful headscarves that were a sign of beauty once became the target of racism and hence were not seen as a sign of fashion trends for a long time. But now that the world has evolved, we often see women rocking gorgeous colourful scarfs and this trend is catching on very quickly these days.


Trendy Fashion Trends of Bell Bottoms

Bell-bottoms are back with all their grace! A very popular style of bottoms in the west once, the style is being reintroduced and women are not embracing it in the east as well. They are especially famous in the Pakistani fashion industry and women wear them with shirts of all lengths. I can even say that they lie among the top fashion trends 2020.


Mono-chrome dresses

One of the most underrated fashion trends of the 80s was the mono-chrome dresses. Thankfully, the fashion industry has reintroduced the style and people are happy about it. You will often see celebrities rocking monochrome suits as well. And not just suits in the west, you will even see a rise in mono-chrome shalwar kameez being worn by women in the east, especially in Pakistan.


Sequins and shimmery fabrics

Oh, that glitter and bling! I am personally so glad that sequins are back in style. You can make any dress more enchanting just by adding a little bit of shimmery fabric or sequins to it and the good thing is that it works with all kinds of clothing styles.


Off-shoulder dresses and shirts

You can make any dress more glamorous by turning the regular shoulders into off-shoulders. The off-shoulders quite disappeared from the list of top trends but the good thing is that they are back.


Use of Laces and Motifs

If you remember the fashion trends 90s, you will remember how laces and motifs used to dominate fashionable clothes in the market. It gives a dress more elegance and grace. Now they are back, you will even find more different styles and patterns, not to mention the colours and textures. It is definitely a treat for the eyes.


Dungarees and Overalls in Fashion Trends

Another one of my personal favourite fashion trends 90s that has returned to fashion trends 2020 with all its glory. Overalls make the perfect outfit for a girl’s day out or even just a relaxing day at your home. They are comfy and you can even play with a lot of colours.


Round Sunglasses Trends

How gorgeous are round sunglasses, am I right? I’m not the only one who is thankful for their comeback. You can play with its size like using small round ones for a shopping day or big ones to make your look more dramatic. Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with round sunglasses for sure.


Although there are many other fashion trends that have made a comeback in the past couple of years, these 10 are my personal favourites. At the end, fashion is just a word and we can pull off anything as long as it makes us happy and comfy!

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