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The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word India is colour. The country is known for its dynamic colours and rich culture. The main thing that makes the people of India stand out from the rest of the world is how they choose to dress. Indian dresses are very colourful and vibrant that they are hard to miss even in a large crowd. Apart from the colours, different styles and designs that are available for women to choose from are astonishing.

The culture of the Indo-Pak region of South Asia is famous all around the world for its diversity and vibrancy. It is quite different from all the cultures of the world. You will see more dynamic colours when walking into a simple clothes shop than you will see in an entire street of a western country. The reason is that the history of this region is very rich. That is why you will see a combination of many cultures that will result in beautiful and colourful traditional norms completely different from what you will normally see in the western world. The main and most important difference in culture is the collection of Indian attire that women wear all around the world.

Here at Libas e Jamila, we have a wide range of beautiful Indian clothing that depict the dynamic and vibrant culture of the country. Let us walk you through our ravishing collection of different types of clothing styles available in our store.

Dynamic colours of Indian Anarkali Dress

Anarkali Lehenga, more commonly known as Anarkali dress, is a combination dress that puts together the beauty of a traditional Anarkali frock and a lehenga. This dress is becoming very popular throughout the world, especially among young women, as it gives a very royal yet modern look.

Libas e Jamila has a great collection of Indian Anarkali dress for you to choose from. Our best quality fabric, styled by expert designers into beautiful dresses is hard to ignore. It will make the best outfit for your upcoming event, be it a wedding or a party. We have many different designs and colours available in the Anarkali dress category. Look around and choose the one that works the best for you.


Dynamic colours of Banarsi Sharara

A good sharara dress never goes out of fashion. For any upcoming wedding with Indian dresses as a dress code, there will always be one event where you might need a sharara dress. This Banarsi Sharara looks great with contrast Banarsi Dupatta. Furthermore, you can always play with the embroidery or add more laces to make it look more or less fancy, as per the occasion.

Libas e Jamila’s collection of Sharara suits UK is literally to die for. We have all the diverse designs and many vibrant colours for you to choose from. The beautiful embroidery on the dresses like shown in the picture gives it a more traditional look and will be perfect for any wedding event.


Dynamic colours of Saree Dress

Sarees are the ultimate statement dress, whether it’s a Barat or a Valima event, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous saree dress. There are many ways that you can drape your saree dress to make it appropriate for the type of event you want to wear it to.

Expert designers at Libas e Jamila have designed beautiful sarees for you to choose from. There are all sorts of designs and fabrics available that you might not stop at just one dress. Other than the designs, the gorgeous dynamic colours like the one in the picture will leave you drooling over them. You can choose from our wide UK saree online collection available for you on our website.



Dynamic colours of Casual Dresses

Libas e Jamila has the best collection of casual dress in Aari work. The colours, designs, fabric and embroidery are all out of this world. These casual shalwar kameez are not just for bigger events but you can also wear them at family gatherings and small parties. There are so many options available for you to choose from and each one is more ravishing than the other.


Other than the dresses mentioned above, we have many other types of traditional Indian dresses available on our website. Choose your favourite outfit and get it delivered to your home anywhere in the UK. We have the most reasonable price range for beautiful outfits and we never compromise on the quality of our clothes. Hurry and try for yourself. Order from our wide collection of Indian suits available on our website.


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