8 Times Ayesha Takia outfits were Spot on


Any fan of Bollywood is familiar with the bright and innocent face of the gorgeous Ayesha Takia. She is one of the most recognised Indian Actresses in the world who is known for her beauty and her amazing acting skills. She has won the hearts of millions of people across the world. She is a naturally beautiful woman with an epic sense of style and fashion. Her dressing is known for being both, amazingly stylish as well as traditional.

Ayesha is seen on screen in all sorts of clothing ranging from western to mid-eastern to fully traditional attires. And she manages to pull off each one of them with full grace.

A Glimpse of Ayesha Takia’s collection of Stunning Outfits

I have compiled a list of dresses worn and slain by Ayesha on various occasions. I am always in awe of her beauty and style and get fascinated by her fashion sense. I have designed many of my own outfits inspired by dresses that I have seen her wearing.

Given below are some of my personal favourite Ayesha Takia outfits from the past few years.

Ayesha Takia Stunning Look

Words cannot justify this look of Ayesha Takia wearing a gorgeous maroon Anarkali suit. Grace and class are just oozing out of the picture making this already lovely woman looking more heavenly. The intricate golden embroidery on the dress is the perfect example of antique traditional work that’s been a part of the culture of the subcontinent for a very long time. The combination of the colour of the dress and embroidery beautifully complement each other, taking the dress to another level of elegance.


Ayesha Takia Gorgeous look in a Stylish Attire

Have you ever seen the perfect blend of modern-day fashion and traditional attire? If not then Ms. Takia’s following look is the perfect example of it. Just look at the corner dropped frock styled shirt that is going perfectly with the embroidered baggy pants. And not to mention, the flowy sleeves with little embroidered flowers spread all over them. Ayesha Takia is pulling off the attire with such an ease that it enhances her charm even more.


Ayesha Takia in Heavy Embroidery Outfit

Shalwar kameez is a traditional outfit that women have been wearing in the subcontinent for centuries. Giving such a traditional dress a modern twist can sometimes be hard. Ayesha Takia made it seem very easy by wearing this gorgeous attire with heavy flower embroidery on all the edges of the kameez and dupatta, and also on the sleeves. The ravishing magenta colour is really complimenting her skin tone, enhancing her beauty even more.


Beautiful Traditional Look of Ayesha Takia

Not all women can carry and pull off a saree with that much ease. Ayesha Takia has set a good example with her hot pink saree that includes a mixture of printed and plain cloth. The banarsi Patti at the edges of the saree really gives it a good finish. The flowered print at the bottom is really giving it a chic look. And not to mention, her mild makeup and gorgeous traditional jhumkay combined with the saree dress and really adding on to her beauty.


Ayesha Takia grace look in Traditional Attire

The next look that Ayesha Takia really rocked was her traditional Sharara Suit look. She really looks amazing in deep colours just like this navy blue one she is wearing in the picture below. The embroidery on the dress is contrasting with the colour in such a perfect way that it really gives a more refined and elegant look.

Ayesha paired the dress with traditional Indian jewellery including big earrings, tika, and a jhoomar. The complete attire is totally out of this world and giving her a very regal look.


A Smart Look of Ayesha Takia in a colourful outfit

Next on the list is the look Ayesha created with this beautiful green dress with colourful Digital Print and embroidery. This is the perfect example of an informal or casual dress that can also be used for formal events. She was able to make such an ordinary dress more entrancing just by the way she carried it. Because with her beauty and looks, she can make anything ordinary more radiant.


Ayesha in a Ravishing Gown Dress

Just take a moment and look at how charming she looks in the gown dress in the picture below. The perfect blend of eastern traditional embroidery with the western gown dress, Ayesha Takia managed to completely slay in this dress. By adding the delicate jewellery, she made the dress ten times more enchanting.


Rocking Ayesha Takia in Beautiful Mehndi Dress

All of us have searched for the perfect dress to wear at a wedding at one point or the other. Women usually fret over their wedding attire way too much. Ayesha Takia has set the bar high with a gorgeous outfit that was ideal to wear at a Mehndi or Mayun event.The details on the dress and the colour totally complement each other. And the style itself is perfect to wear formally as well as informally.


This might be the end of top stunning looks of Ayesha Takia but I personally will never be able to get over how beautiful she is always looking and how she can slay each and every attire of hers.

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