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Asian wedding dresses- Asian wedding dresses are something the whole world awe upon. The big fat prolonged celebrations of wedding, decorations, fanciest Asian wedding dresses, music, dances, variant dresses and eye-catching themes you will ever see and what not. Asian wedding dresses are the most carefully curated dresses of all time. The vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, beads, laces, beautiful fabrics, color contrasting of Asian wedding dresses UK collection; everything comes together in the form of this majestic beauty that the bride glorifies on her big day.

Asian wedding dresses are not just famous in South Asia now but around the globe too. The deep and bright colors to the styles and themes of the Asian wedding dress is all about celebrations and fun. Women around the world are impressed by the glamour and bling of Asian wedding dresses and are eager to wear Asian wedding dresses inspired by Asian Designers for weddings. This Blog will give you all the details you need to get the perfect Asian wedding dress for an upcoming event and how to order your favourite Asian wedding dresses Birmingham collection at affordable price.

Asian Wedding Dresses for any Event

Asian wedding dresses are mostly famous for the Asian weddings but there is a turn in that too now the Asian wedding dresses are vibrant and beautiful with less work on them making them slightly decent and stylish keeping the traditional touch too. A lot of people make the mistake of adding so many things in their Asian wedding dress that it looks more flashy than elegant. You don’t want that. The colors and the things you add in your Asian wedding dresses should be just the right amount to make it look elegant and sober while also looking glamorous.


Usually, people are bored of wearing the rigid wedding clothing line that includes specific designs and styles. Like all other things the fancy and occasional wardrobe requires change of variation too.

Are you confused about what to wear at an upcoming wedding event? Don’t you worry because we have all the latest designs for Asian Wedding dresses just for you!

Asian Wedding Dresses UK with Libas e Jamila suggestions

Libas e Jamila has the latest and most trendy solutions to your Asian wedding dress problems. You would love the variant collection with a huge variety of formal to semi formals and heavy Asian wedding dresses that are perfect for all kinds of events. it includes some of the articles that can be wore on a formal event to a huge wedding too. they are designed in a unique way Our collection of Asian wedding dresses is famous around the Europe, especially in the UK. We bring you a wide range of Asian dresses in prices that are absolutely in your reach. The dresses are designed in a manner that is a mixture of traditional and modern styles that makes you feel stylish and elegant at the same time.

The Asian wedding dresses UK collection has extraordinary pieces that every girl dream of. There are many different Asian wedding dresses designs available. Given below are details of a few of the masterpiece Asian wedding dresses that we have available in stock but you would find a number of eye-catching pieces on your very first check.

Asian Wedding Dress in Deep Red Royal

This deep colour Asian wedding dress red looks such a flawless piece. You cant take your eyes off this one. The model looks absolutely stunning in this Asian wedding Dress. The thread work Is all around the shirt in a beige color that looks super stunning on the dark red base. The neck line and sleeves are designed in different pattern with borders and stones.

You can see stones and neat hand made work on overall the front of the shirt and sleeves. Dupatta of this dress has four sided lace border and full thread embroidery of the same base color which looks so royal and this dress can be wore on a huge wedding event with antique jewellery and light makeup. You can order this elegant Asian wedding dresses Birmingham collection online from Libas e Jamila store.


Asian Wedding Dresses in Luxury Chiffon

Our online store is the right place for you if you want a dress for upcoming wedding. Our UK collection of Asian wedding dresses includes the best of the best. We have everything you are looking for in a perfect dress. Take a look at this gorgeous  suit with the perfect colour combination of mustard and red. This fully embroidered kameez with Pearls and Diamonds with an embroidered chiffon dupatta is a dream dress for anyone into bright shades. You can’t go wrong with such an elegant addition to your wardrobe for any event of a wedding.

Asian Wedding Dresses in Luxury Chiffon

Here is another amazing Asian wedding dress that is a must have. Gorgeous intricate embroidery all over the shirt gives it a very nice finish. The matching chiffon embroidered dupatta gives the much necessary final touch to this stunning attire. Details like the tassels , Fancy Buttons, Pearls, Diamond and Embroidered sleeves enhance the beauty to another level. This Asian wedding dress comes with the inner as well so you won’t have to worry about anything other than placing your order. Don’t miss out on this amazing Asian wedding dresses Birmingham collection available at Libas e Jamila online store. There is so much for you to choose from and you will never disappoint.

Asian wedding dresses-UK-collection


Light and Dark Combi of Asian wedding Dress

This certain The less details on the shirt and a formal pants with a mixture of light and dark contrast make this a perfect Asian wedding dresses for any wedding event. The trouser is beautifully designed with a thick border and self print all over. The light tone of trouser and dupatta with dark shirt would be a perfect Asian wedding dress for outdoor wedding events.



Asian Wedding Dresses in Anarkali Lehenga

This certain type of Anarkali lehenga is among the most popular Asian wedding dress. It is a nice blend of eastern Anarkali frock and western maxi style. It is a full-length dress that opens up at the front almost halfway from the top. The upper half can either be a closed body or a continuation of the open bottom half. This particular Anarkali lehenga dress is decorated with a lot of beaded and wired embroidery. The bottom flare has a bordered embroidery style that gives the dress a nice finesse. This grey colour dress is perfect if you going to attend Indian Wedding or Pakistani Wedding.


Asian wedding Dresses For Royal Look

Fall in love with this perfect Asian wedding dresses blend of Dazzle and royalty you need for an Asian themed wedding. From the bold cuts of this classic traditional Anarkali suit to its authentic Anarkali aesthetic wave, you will find everything exquisite. The fine and subtle craftsmanship will leave you to indulge in their detail which is the essence of Libas e Jamila.

You can restyle this elegant semi stitched Asian wedding dress into a lehenga as well; displaying loaded diamond work and embellishments on the opulent fabric of Net with Badla Zari Embroidery. If looking for solid colours and one tone grace this amalgam of pastels will truly hatch a soft image right from your imagination on to the table.

Masterly crafted embroidery and the flow of fine Banglori silk inner will cast an ethereal spell on your every season wedding. The intricate and meticulously done cut works on sleeves and neck are divining a depth to this icon. Asian woman is an epitome of femininity and decency, at the same time a lot of vintage vibes also add up to this image. This ravishing and alluring mix of Asian wedding dresses will definitely make a statement.


Asian Wedding Dresses for Charming Look

Choosing Asian wedding dresses to wear as guests to a wedding is sort of a dilemma that every woman equally enjoys and dreads as well. Sometimes it just becomes too hard because you have worn your favourite dress too many times already. Worry not because Libas e Jamila’s Asian wedding dresses UK collection is here to save you.

We have stunning frocks and lehengas in our store stocked up for you to choose from. Whether you like dark colours or pastel shades, we have everything you’re looking for. Just take a look at this stunning lehenga with gold pink and turquoise embroidery. Wearing this, you will definitely be a sight to behold. We use great quality fabric to make the perfect outfit for you to adorn at any event of a wedding be it big or small.


Another one of our beautiful Asian wedding dresses is this pastel blue lehenga with multi-coloured embroidery. The intricate patterns are made with such finesse that it multiplies the beauty of the dress ten times. You can wear this gorgeous outfit at a formal event or a party, wherever you like. And you can never go wrong with it. You just need some traditional jewellery to finish your look and you will be turning heads wherever you go. This and so much more is available for you to pick from at our online store now. Don’t waste another second and choose your favourite from our amazing collection.


Perfect Asian Wedding Dress in Purple

The chiffon fabric of this dress gives an outstanding fall to this Asian wedding dress making it extremely royal. The upper body fitting and flare in the lower part looks amazing. This Asian wedding dress is unique in all ways from its color to the cuts and the sequence of work on it. the bold colour looks very different with a blend of copper embroidery and handwork with small studs on it . This dress is perfect for night functions. The dress could be perfectly paired with heavy earrings and dull gold makeup. Hairstyles like buns or blow dry both would be perfect for making a stunning look.


Traditional Asian wedding dresses which gives Royal Look

Another great thing about these Asian wedding dresses is that they give you a very regal look. The magnificent flare of the outfit, when paired with classy heels and earrings really changes your whole outlook, making you stand out more. Colours like mauve, tea pink, emerald green, etc. really enhance the embroidery as well as the design of the dress and makes it look more glorious.

Traditional Asian wedding dresses

Where to Buy Asian wedding dresses Birmingham Collection

Do you have an upcoming wedding event and can’t find the perfect outfit? We will help you find the best Asian Wedding dresses Birmingham. If you’re living in the UK then you’re in luck. Libas e Jamila delivers your favourite Asian wedding dresses UK to your doorstep with free UK Postage. Everything from the fabric to the design is top-notch and will help you create a look that will make you stand out at any occasion.

We have all the latest designs and styles of Asian wedding dresses UK in our online store just for you. Be it a formal gathering, a wedding event or a party; Libas e Jamila has premium Anarkali Dresses for women of all ages. You can also consider our Beautiful Sharara Dresses and Banarsi Dresses for your coming occasion.


Asian Wedding Dresses UK Collection

A sharara is a two-legged flared bottom that is paired with either a short or a long shirt. The bottom usually had a join near the knee that gives the lower part an extra flare. This is a very popular style of Asian wedding dresses especially for events like dholki and mehndi. If you are going to a wedding, then do try Libas e Jamila Designer Sharara Dresses for maximum elegance.



Asian Wedding Dresses in Banarasi Fabric

A wide collection of very fine quality Asian wedding dresses in Banarasi silk gives you endless opportunities to design your dream dress. Asian wedding dresses Best designs and good quality fabric are the speciality of Libas e Jamila. The range of banarsi suit includes un-stitched suits with beautifully designed dupattas.. Banarsi fabric is all time favourite and is in demand always. From banarsi sarees to banarasi lehnga all are in demand.





E-commerce has opened a new gateway for the fashion industry. Now your favourite Asian wedding dresses from all around the world can reach you in just a few days. Libas e Jamila promises you the best quality fabric, popular designs and affordable prices all in one place. Order your favourite Asian wedding dresses now and create the perfect look for any occasion that you leave an impression for life!

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